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From The Past To The Present

With the main focus being on the love for exceptional food and hospitality, and wishing to set new standards in quality, Giannis and Chryssa Nerantzi were inspired to create Golden Catering in 2006.

A commitment to details and the unrivalled result led the Nerantzis to incorporate the symbolism of ‘gold’ into the company name as an expression of the high level of services that they wished to represent. Throughout the years, they have been offering unique taste experiences to every kind of business or social gathering.  Their approach has led not only to recognition in the catering sector but has also earned the continued trust of businesses and individuals, with an ever-growing list of clients.

Today, Golden Food Concept is a luxury boutique catering team that adapts to the trends of the global gastronomy scene, proposing refined flavours and authentic cuisine, all prepared with creativity and care by professionals. The highest standards of quality in all stages of the preparation is a non-negotiable condition for the company. From the strict selection of HACCP certified suppliers up to use of only premium raw ingredients, it operates in accordance with internationally recognised standards, as well as being ISO22000 and ISO9001 certified.

The Golden Food Concept team orchestrates events in a variety of recommended venues according to your needs, planning the whole process together step by step. We treat every event as special because your important occasion is equally significant to us too, and we adapt according to your wishes, carrying everything out with the utmost responsibility and attention to detail.


Executive Chef

Originally from Saint-Etienne in France, our chef Jean-Louis Capsalas has over 30 years of experience in the fine dining sector and is one of the most widely distinguished chefs on the Greek gastronomy scene. After graduating from the École de Cuisine Rabelais culinary school in Lyon, he gained valuable experience by taking his first steps at the 3-star Michelin restaurants of Pierre Orsi and Gervais. At the end of the 1980s, he decided to return permanently to Greece and opened his own restaurant, Au Cap Lyonnais, in Marousi.

His influences from classic French gastronomy have been a valuable contribution to the many Athenian restaurants that he has collaborated with, and he extends his wealth of overall experience to the catering sector. Jean-Louis Capsalas has been Executive Chef of Golden Food Concept since 2018, evolving its cuisine continuously.