Every cocktail party is a special experience

Every social or corporate event that we organise is transformed into a special experience, not only for you, but also for us, as no event is the same as the last one. Our aim is to plan a cocktail party with you that will be the talk of the town by choosing the most delicious food concept in order to satisfy the palate of every one of your guests. Perfect venues for every occasion, friendly and polite service, and of course on-staff mixologists ready to create a personalised fine drinking experience that will fully meet your standards.

We get involved in every aspect of the party to guarantee perfect results and the most enjoyable, stress-free event for you. Whatever the reason for the gathering, we make sure that our premium drinks and cocktails proposals, as well as our menu suggestions, combine perfectly with the atmosphere that you had imagined for the specific happening.

Suggested Venues

Nasioutzik Mansion

Iliou Petra


Melissourgos Tower

Private Villas

Hellenic Motor Museum