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Special kids’ parties full of imagination!

We know only too well how difficult it is to plan a kids’ party. After organising more than 3,000, we have the know-how and experience to make our little fiends happy while you retain peace of mind. Our team prepares the perfect food to impress both parents and children and all of the party classics are created using the best ingredients to satisfy even the strictest judges of any age. In addition, we can plan the food concepts however you want, such as a themed birthday party or by adapting a favourite dish. We also offer a choice of menus for older guests that will set the tone for the most delicious, enjoyable party.

Our party planning and entertainment partners specialise in making happy memories with impressive props for a range of fun activities that will create a special day full of joy and enthusiasm for your children!

Suggested Venues


Star Sport Club

Riviera Estate

Hellenic Motor Museum