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Finger Food


Finger Food 1

Sticks with colorful cheeseballs in 3 colors

Wrap tortillas with smoked salmon and avocado mousse

Small pies of trahana withGreek fish roe “tarama” and marinated anchovy

Beef meatballs in tomato marmalade

Αrancino with mushrooms and truffle oil

Small triangle pies with a variety of greens and chervil



Tart trilogy:

Small tart with almond and lemon

Small tart with chocolate mousse

Small tart with patisserie cream and fruits

Finger Food 2

Small pouches filled with prosciutto and goat cheese flavored with truffle

Mini skewers with cherry tomato, mozzarella and black olives

Black-bread Bruschetta with fresh marinated bass fish

Mini shots with purée made by chickpeas, beetroot and confit octopus

Mini spring rolls in sweet-sour sauce

Mini turkey framesκαι pancetta filled with smoked cheese

Beef kebab meatloaf in tortillas with yogurt and paprika

Shrimps rolled in phyllo of kantaifi



 Mini shot with bitter chocolate and orange confit

Mini Panacotta with milk of coconut and mango

Finger Food 3

Quinoa Salad

Waldorf salad

Salmon terrine mousse with toasted cheese

Tramezzini with tuna and herbs

Wonton with crab


Chicken meatballs with parmesan, walnuts and tangerine chutney

Swarama with pork gyros and coleslaw

Beef meatloaf in tortillas with yogurt and paprika

Falafel in Guacamole dip

Meatballs with mushrooms, truffle cream and mustard leaves

Stuffed baby potatoes



Shots of sweets in personalized glasses

Finger Food 4

Flowers of eggplant with prosciutto and Katiki cheese of Domokos

Maki roll (trilogy) in platters with soya sauce

Small dies of marinated sauce, green apple with tsipouro and lemon

Mini Bruschetta by cornbread with cheese mousse, grape, honey and walnuts

Fresh gnocchi in pot with mushrooms porcini and arugula

Small giouvarlakia bycod in pots with bouillon ofegg and lemon sauce, star anise and ouzo

Scrammbled eggs with fresh oregano and tomato in pot, accompanied with crispy bread

Βaby potatoes filled with pancetta, “graviera” cheese cream and chives

Mini Black Angus burgers with smoked cheese in small pitas


Warm “Loukoumades” with honey and walnuts

Mini tiramisu

Mini cheesecake

Welcome coffee & coffee break


Coffee menu & Espresso coffee

Aromatic French coffee. Nespresso, espresso and decaffeinate

Hot tea and Ice tea with ginger and lemon grass

Homemade cookies

Chocolate and vanilla cake


White and red wine, ALOS by “Lazaridis” Estate

Soft drinks (Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola & light, Soda, Tonic)

Bottled water and beers


Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum (basic)

Beverage, juices, bottled water

Cocktail list

2 cocktails (upon relevant request)


Full bar, Bar equipment (Blender, cocktail glasses etc.)

Variety of fruits for the needs of the bar (fresh limes, lemons, oranges)

and all necessary accoutrements