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Location: Konstantinou Karamanli Av. 18, Voula 16673

Floor Plan: 

Open space menu up to 300 guests / cocktail up to 500 guests (bar area)
Close space menu up to 350 guests / cocktail up to 500 guests (bar area)


  • Parking
  • Limitation time 08:00 – 04:00
  • Open: May- September

Melissourgos Tower

Location: 42,5km Kalivion – Anavyssos Avenue

Floor Plan: At least 80-600 seated and over 1000 standing guests


  • The car park can accommodate more than 500 cars
  • There is power substation for the adequacy of the loads
  • Pool, Beach Volley court, playground, olive grove
  • Easy access 2 km from Grand Resort Lagonisi and 3 min from the coastal avenue


Location: Poseidonos Av. 26, Elliniko 16777

Floor Plan: Open Space up to 1500 people / Closed Space up to 600 people


  • Parking
  • Open April – October
  • Chapel at 200 meters
  • Music

Domaine Costa Lazaridi - Oenotria Land

Location: 2nd km Kapandriti-Kalamos road, Kapandriti 19014

Floor Plan: Numerous halls / Open space, menu up to 2000 guests


  • Parking
  • Church Saints Constantine and Helen

Hellenic Motor Museum

Location: Ioulianou 33, Athens 104 33

Floor Plan: Menu up to 600 guests / Cocktail up to 1000 guests


  • 3 hall rooms
  • Amphitheater for 300 guests
  • Parking and parking supervision

Riviera Estate

Location: Tatoiou 308 ,Tatoi

Floor Plan: Menu 600+ guests / Close area 300 guests


  • Parking
  • Close space for receptions Winter – Summer
  • Cosmopolitan environment
  • Suite for the couple
  • Music and lighting equipment on-site


A seaview gem in Piraeus, overlooking the port and the beautiful Saronic gulf.

Location: Akti Mikrolimanou, Piraeus [map]

Floor Plan: 200 sitting


  • Parking in a co-operate parking area
  • Open or closed space for winter or summer
  • Cosmopolitan location
  • Music cover, track lighting
  • Full time

Gazoo Events

A perfect view to the Acropolis.

Location: Piraeus 102-104, Athens 11854

Floor Plan: 300 sitting menu / 450 cocktail party / 400-450 conference


  • Parking
  • Downtown Athens

Hatzi Mansion

Location: Keratéa, Attiki

Floor Plan: Outdoor   600 seating and 1200 standing guests


  • Outdoor pool area
  • 2 suites for freshen up honeymooners
  • The Church of Agia Irini (near the estate)
  • Banqueting reception(Laser, Robotic Systems, Special Lighting, JBN Sound Ceiling, DJs)
  • Parking Club
  • Private Security
  • House Keeping
  • Umbrellas and shelters for morning or midday events
  • Possibility of sheltered space

Dikeoulia Estate

Location: Kontratsi St. – Zakunthou 61, Koropi

Floor Plan: Open space up to 500 guests / Close space up to 500 guests


  • The chapel of Agios Dimitrios
  • Inside with automatic sunroof
  • J with a track
  • Decoration of the Estate
  • Couple freshening area
  • 250-seat parking with valet parking
  • Generator in case of power failure

Cleopatra Estate

Location: Themistokleous 7, St. Ioannis – Koropion 19400

Floor Plan: Menu up to 500 guests


  • Parking for 300 cars with valet
  • Open or closed space reception (winter- summer)
  • On site church
  • Cosmopolitan location
  • Music
  • Electric generator
  • Seamless windows and roof that opens or closes depending on weather
  • Lifeguards for the pool
  • Animateur
  • Special room – resting place for the couple or the baby
  • Unlimited event hours
  • Easily accessible from Attiki Odos

Private Villas

Receptions can be organized at the place of your preference, whether it is a villa, estate, private location or a multipurpose hall. We ensure peace of mind, as we plan everything from dining to service and provide options for a truly magnificent result.

Our experienced and qualified team is here to tailor the venue according to your requirements in order to create the event of your dreams.

We  ensure peace of mind, as we plan everything from dining to service and provide options for elegant event sites and even suggestions for theme parties and happenings in Athens.

Partnering Venues

Athens – Downtown

  • Acro
  • Box
  • Lohan
  • Hotel Ermou
  • Enastron
  • Akti Peiraios
  • Fever Club
  • Central Hotel
  • Skyfall
  • Tzaferi 16
  • Zappeio Megaro
  • Inovathens

Athens – Downtown

  • Athens Auditorium
  • Blank Urban Space
  • Collage The Loft
  • Art Factory
  • Technopolis
  • Athens War Museum
  • Numismatic Museum of Athens
  • Amalias 36
  • Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum
  • Eugenides Foundation
  • Polyhoros 7os

Athens – North

  • Erofili Estate
  • Replayce
  • 5 Elements Estate