We know how to make your day with the most mouthwatering brunch! Beginning with smell of aromatic coffee and a basket of freshly baked breads, we continue with a selection of eggs, and tarts for those with a sweet tooth, ensuring that you will be more than excited by the tempting flavours. A tradition that has achieved worldwide popularity, brunch is the ultimate food concept that will give every happening the tastes that it deserves.


Coffee menu & Espresso coffee

Aromatic filter coffee

Nespresso espresso and decaffeinated

Hot and iced tea with ginger and lemongrass

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Sweet creations

Tartlet trilogy:

Tartlet with almonds and lemon

Chocolate mousse tartlet

Tartlet with patisserie cream and fruit

Savoury creations

Basket with freshly baked breads (toast, bread sticks, gluten-free bread)

Platter of cheese and cold cuts

Quiche Lorraine

Cheese pies with crispy homemade pastry

Tortilla selection (with chicken salad, tuna salad, vegetables)

Mini burgers with beef and cheddar cheese

Live* egg-making stand

Poached egg

Omelette with ham, bacon, cheese and mushrooms

Scrambled egg with chives and fresh tomato

*A chef must be present