The much-loved Street Food is the ultimate trend of the season. Its versatility is one of the factors which make it so popular, adapting to any theme based on ethnic elements, making it one of the most loved options for both summer and winter events. We create the ideal food station for you, serving anything from Peking duck and bao buns to Mexican tacos and falafel.


Mediterranean suggestion

Greek salad

Chicken or pork gyro in Cypriot pitas with peppers, onions and paprika mayonnaise

Grilled kebab with Lebanese pita, tomato, yogurt and herbs

‘Roach coach sandwich’ with grilled village sausage, cheese salad with fried potatoes in a sandwich bread

Fried falafel balls with creamed avocado and tomato

Country-style potatoes

American suggestion


Burgers with beef, chicken or vegetables with cheese, salad, yogurt or tartar sauce

Hot dog with sausage, ketchup, mustard, pickles and cabbage

Mexican tacos with chili con carne, avocado and pickled cabbage

Country-style potatoes

Suggestions from the East

Pork chop suey noodles, peppers, carrot, shallots, (various vegetables)

Chicken yakitori souvlaki with Cantonese rice

Peking duck in small pita with vegetables julienne

Variety of bao buns


Baked pineapple with cinnamon and sugar on a souvlaki stick

Mini donuts with honey or runny chocolate