ANASSA City Events


Parko Stratou – Goudi
Just 6km from the center of Athens
25 minutes from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
35 minutes from Piraeus Port


10 Acres of open spaces in the gardens
Closed space 200m2
Semi-outdoor space 400m2
Comfortable parking

Infrastructure and layout so that the change from outdoor to indoor in case of emergency weather is easy and fast.

Full coverage of audiovisual systems


Inside the garden of the National Sculpture Gallery, large green areas house sculptures, an amphitheater and many more buildings. There also lies Anassa, a space of senses and artistic point of view , retaining a royal glamor in the postmodern era. A new event space is being born in the densely populated areas where the royal stables used to be housed.

The architectural project has been undertaken by Omniview , which has been associated with the complete overthrow of the architectural typology. From the urban landscape of Athens to the Cyclades, Design Director Dimitris Tsigos signs the project with groundbreaking morphologies and innovative Design.

Its premises can accommodate:

– Wedding or christening receptions
– Corporate events, product presentations, launches of new models
– Conferences, trainings, seminars
– Concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings
– Themed parties