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Creating Food Experiences

Founded in 2007, Golden Catering has been involved in the demanding field of catering ever since.

Our talented chefs, never fail to tempt your palate with their exceptional dishes that exceed your highest expectations The hand-picked ingredients and the freshest materials, our chefs creative expertise and a dynamic service team are combined with our sheer professionalism and passion for amazing flavors and guarantee sophisticated catering services for any occasion and social or corporate event.

Sumptuous dining is a priority to us, that’s why we offer a wide range of delicious options in our menu inspired by the Greek, Mediterranean, Asian and International cuisine All dishes are prepared exclusively in our state-of-the-art kitchen-lab and are presented to your guests in a pioneering buffet station.

Receptions can be organized at the place of your preference, whether it is an estate or a multipurpose hall And we ensure peace of mind, as we plan everything from dining to service and provide options for elegant event sites and even suggestions for theme parties and happenings, both in Athens and Mykonos.

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Executive Chef

Our executive chef, Jean-Louis Capsalas was born in Saint-Etienne in 1966 and studied at the French cooking school École de cuisine Rabelais à Lyon. He had his first cooking experiences and distinctions in Michelin’s 3-star “Pierre Orsi” and “Gervais” restaurants.

In the late 80s he came to a permanent establishment in Greece and opens in Maroussi his own restaurant named “Au Cap Lyonnais”. Since then he has been placed in the frame of the top well-known chefs who are activated in gastronomic Athens.

He then worked in French-oriented Athenian restaurants and later in the field of caterings, in various companies, where he seems to leave his gourmet mark as he upgrades the services of these companies which had the honor of working with him and he has managed to be established as one of the “celebrities” in the Hellenicgastronomic scene, screening also in various TV programs.

Since September 2018 he has been embraced the GOLDEN FOOD CONCEPT team as the Executive Chef.



Konstantinos Nikolaou was born and raised in the city of Thessaloniki.

He graduated from College of Tourist Professionals (1995-1997). Continued with filed collaborations of the cooking area like Jean-Louis Capsalas, Ettore Botrini and Vasilis Mouratidis in projects related to hotels, caterings and award-winning restaurants.

He joined our team in 2017 and has taken over the administration of the food department of our company as an executive chef.